Summer fashion essentials

Summer is almost over, the countdown has officially began. So, I thought it was the perfect moment to do a recap of all my favorite fashion items this season. I believe this will be a very relatable post, since I have stuck with the basics. So, let`s begin.

#1. Denim shorts

I don`t think this needs further explaining. Denim shorts are my go-to item this period and I love my comfy and stylish Levi`s pair. I higly recommend you their brand.

Denim shorts esenstial #1


#2. Boyfriend jeans

I must admit that they future my essentials list every season and I am pretty sure a lot of you, girls, agree with me.

Boyfriend jeans #2


#3. Graphic tees

This summer this trend caught up with me, too. I couldn`t resist and I bought myself some vintage, graphic T-shirts. I must admit that they look amazing with my denim shorts.

Graphic tees  #3


#4. Crop tops

This is item is also an obvious one. Everyone has in their clasic a crop top and I love wearing them with (almost) everything.

crop tops #4


#5.  Bodysuits

This item is a new one on my list, but I am pretty happy with how they look paired with jeans or shorts. You can go with a clasic bodysuits or a more daring one like the lingerie ones.

Bodysuits #5


#6. Summer dresses

They are my addiction. I could wear them every season, but since I don`t want to freeze I make the most of them during summer.

summer dresses #6


Tory Burch short red dress
2.255 RON –

Solid Striped short summer dress
680 RON –

Nine West criss cross sandals
275 RON –

#7. Accessories

What would summer be without the right accessories? Straw hat, sunglasses, belts and cute bags are a must in your closet this season.

summer accessories #7


#8. Sneakers

It might sound odd, but during summer I overuse my Converse sneakers. I am a fan of sandals too, but somehow I always end up wearing sneakers.

So, these are my go-to item for this hot months. I would love to read about your favorite items and how are you spend this last weeks of summer.




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