Inspiration to become a minimalist



So you have just heard about minimalism and don`t know where to start or  you have been on this journey for a little while and you need some inspiration. Well, in any case I hope I got you covered with this 10 tips on who to find your inspiration to get started.

  1. Understand why you want to have a minimalist lifestyle


Why do you want to adopt this lifestyle? Write it down and keep it visible. Focus on the why instead of the will.


      2. Get inspired


Getting inspired makes it feel like a pleasure and less like a chore and you will learn some helpful tips along the way. Creating a Pinterest board on minimalism, reading blogs or following Youtubers or instagrammers are all helpul ways to get and keep motivated. These are my favorite minimalists that help me get inspired: Rachel Aust, Pick Up Limes, Jenny Mustard.


       3. Make it about you


This is about you, not other people. I often thought that I want to be a minimalist, but my friends and family aren`t, so it will be difficult for me to share my lifestyle and be able to do it. But I understand now that you have to focus on you and on the areas in your life where you are in control. Let them be, if they are curious you can invite them to join you. Don`t try to enforce it!


       4. Plan to be uncomfortable


Yep, it can get pretty uncomfortable. Especially if you are new to it, but you can plan for it. Lets say you just had a major decluttering session and you are feeling a little bit of angst, in that case try to do something fun and distracting. My go-to is doing something creative. It reminds me of all the beautiful things that surround me and how rich life is. And dont underestimate the calming effect a walk in the park can have too!


5. Keep the hobby


If you really love it, you don`t have to get rid of it. If you actually use it, you dont have to get rid of it. Minimalism isn`t about letting go of everything, it`s about letting go of things that you no longer use or that bring you stress. My hobbies are photography and drawing. So I have a lot of things that help me take pictures or that help me make portraits. I need it all and most importantly they bring me joy. So start with minimalism in other aspects of your life


6. Identify temptations


What`s your trigger? By  identifying your triggers, you can hopefully avoid them and even substitute them. My weakness are stores like Sephora, I simply cannot enter one shop and leave without buying something. So I try to limit my visits to one a month.


7. Practice gratitude


By being grateful for what we have, we tend to want less. I have got into the habit of writing the things for which I am grateful every morning in my bullet journal. You can start a small habit like that, too. So start to ask yourself what are you grateful for?


8 .Shift your mindset


Are you not yet a minimalist? There is no certain point where you can start call yourself that. So start to identify with it and after time, you will start to believe and live it.


9. Remember the point


What was the point of it all? To reduce stress, to live a more simple life? So don`t get anxious or obsessed over it. Minimalism is about living intentionally, so shift your focus towards the things that actually matter in your life.


10. Make your own guidelines


With minimalism there are no rules. So come up with your own guidelines. Do want feels right to you, pick the things that resonate strongly with you and disregard the rest. This is your choice after all.


There you have it. I hope it will help you if you want to start being a minimalist or you feel stuck in your journey, too. Start slow and take it easy!

I will leave here some inspirational pictures, maybe will help you.

See you next time!




3 thoughts on “Inspiration to become a minimalist

  1. In some ways, I guess I’m a minimalist because I don’t really own anything lol. Like in your inspiration, all those lovely little decor accessories…I don’t own anything like that. But I certainly could stand to get rid of a few items of clothing!


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