The ultimate summer to-do list

Hello, everybody! I can`t believe it`s July already. Half of summer flew by and because I was super busy with exams and my bachelor degree, I did not get to enjoy it. So, I want to do a to-do list for the rest of summer with the most fun and must-have experiences to enjoy this awesome season. Let`s get to it!

Get your vitamin D!

It`s summer, sun is shinning, the weather is amazing, so work on your tan. Also, don`t forget your sunscreen if you want a healthy looking skin. 



 Seavitamin is the best vitamin!

We already mentioned sun tanning, but we cannot forget about one of the best parts of summer, more specific, swimming in the sea or the ocean. Even though you are a mountain lover or you are one of those lucky people who get to enjoy the ocean or the sea all year, you still should make a weekend trip and enjoy the calming effect of being near the sea or at the beach. That`s what I plan to do. 



Don`t forget to hydrate!

For the last week, the temperature in Bucharest was a constant 40 degrees Celsius and I am ashamed to admit that I have wished several times for rain or winter…. what helped my endure this punishing temperature and humidity was lots and lots of water with lemon, lemonade in all its forms and vitamin water. So, when you start thinking of colder weather, that should be your clue to start enjoy some cold drinks and hydrate yourself. 


Enjoy the summer goodness!

When I say goodness, I am referring to the amazing fruits and vegetables that are available during summer. So go to the market and buy yourself lots of watermelon, berries, lemons, nectarines, tomatoes,  avocados & many more. 



Say yes to new adventures!

You just finished your exams and you feel like escaping? Well, start planning then. I am the kind of person that enjoys travelling alone too and I encourage you to try it a least once and I promise you will get addicted. So, start planning a city break or a weekend trip and discover and enjoy new places.



Eat dessert first!

Between staying all day at the beach or traveling, don`t forget to squeeze in some delicious gelato. My favorite kind is pistachio. What`s yours?


Perfect time to learn new things!

I believe this is the most active period of the year and why not profit from it? Start learning a new sport or during your traveling, start learning a new language. It will be an awesome experience!

new things

Don`t forget to play!

That`s one of my favourite tips. Enjoy your summer and do all the silly things you want. 


Stay positive and love life!

It really doesn`t matter what your summer plans are, maybe you are gonna work all summer. It`s really not a problem, you still can enjoy the awesome weather, your amazing friends and family and life in general. So stay positive and smile. 



To sum up, this is my to-do list for an unforgettable summer. Hope you find it helpful. I am really curious what are your plans for summer. Would you like to share your tips for an amazing summer with me!






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